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We have been engaged in the quality management work since 2009 with a business purpose of "Sound management is equivalent to benefit, and our product reflects our moral quality". It obtained the certificate of ISO9001-2008 quality system issued by German TUV, the W0 material certificate of AD code, the product certificate of EU PED 97/23/EC (EU Pressure Equipment Directive), and Class A license for producing pressure piping component issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the Peoples Republic of China.

Thanks to the establishment and effective operation of the quality management system, the management ability of our company has been improved and enhanced constantly, thus ensuring the company to continuously and stably produce products that comply with the relevant regulations and standards. The stable and reliable product quality has been praised by both domestic and foreign customers over the years.

Quality Control System Certification IS09001:2008

EU Certification for Pressure Equipment Materials PED 97/ 23 / EC6 AD2000

Manufacture License of Special Equipment TS A级           
1. Production equipment and inspection equipment control

1) In the equipment management of the company, full-time management personnel are sent to manage the production equipment and they are in charge of establishing the Production Equipment Ledger, formulating and implementing as scheduled the Annual Maintenance Plan of Equipment, and making registration in the Equipment Maintenance Record. Equipment is maintained and recorded according to the Equipment Failure Maintenance Record. Secondly, the "specialized management rate of equipment" and the "equipment intactness rate" are examined quarterly in the companys policy target. The company proposes procurement requisition for each department based on whether the manufacture requirement can be met by production equipment throughout the year. The equipment procurement plan is made by the equipment principal, and the procurement is implemented after the plan is approved. The equipment principal organizes relevant departments for acceptance after the equipment is delivered into the plant.

       2) The metrological principal is in charge of establishing the metrological management system and the Inspection Equipment Ledger based on the national metrological laws and regulations, at the same time formulating the Annual Metrological Verification Plan and organizing the implementation of this plan.

2. Management control of raw materials

    The Purchase Department is in charge of the raw materials procurement; the material principal is in charge of the quality control; the quality assurance engineer is in charge of the supervision and inspection. The control process is as follows:
Material procurement----->Supplier selection, evaluation and control---->Material procurement plan---->Contract review and signing---->Material acceptance---->Material storage and distribution---->Material tracking (material depot ledger, process flow card)

3. Product process implementation control

    The production process is based on the Production Plan which serves as instructions and the Process Flow Card is employed to make all manufacturing procedures coherent. In addition, technical documents such as operation instructions and technological procedures provide technical supports for the production process. The implementation process: Confirmation of customer requirements---->Compilation of production process flow----> Raw material procurement---->Manufacturing process (cold and thermal processing, in which the heat treatment and the welding are special processes)---->Inspection and test----> Dispatch


4. Inspection and test control 

     The products we produce are inspected and tested based on the national regulations and standards, product drawings and inspection procedures; Three-level responsibility system composed of the quality assurance engineer, inspection (test) principal and inspector is implemented. The control process is as follows: Inspection preparation (Verification of inspection equipment, development of inspection documents, staffing)----> Inspection of raw materials and outsourced parts---->Production process inspection---->Non-destructive inspection, physical and chemical test, water pressure test (as required)----> Ultimate inspection

5.Product quality certificate

     Before the products are delivered, they are examined and verified by the inspection principal or quality manager. Once all the inspection items are qualified, the EN10204 3.1 product quality certificate approved by TUV is issued by the Quality Department, and the certificate of conformity is issued for domestic products. Meanwhile, our products can be inspected by the third-party inspection institution specified by the customer, such as BV, SGS, DNV, LR, IRS and IDEA.

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