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 Congraturations to our company on getting the API Q1 certification. The scope for this certification is manufacturing stainless steel pipe fittings including Tee, Elbow, Reducer, Cap, Flanging p... More>>
Stainles steel pipe reducer for Industrial Application
 Birthday Party of our company hold in June 29th, 2015. Every month we will hold a party for the persons whose birthday date is within this... More>>
 We are a professional stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturer in wenzhou of China. To develop our bussiness in Iran, we attended the Iran international oil, gas and petrochemical exhibit... More>>
Our company will be attending the exhibition of "IRAN OIL SHO... More>>
Congratulations!!! Our company has won the title of "The technology-based SMEs in Zhejiang province" in the year of 2015. 
The technology-based SMEs means makin... More>>
ASME-- American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ANSI-- American National Standard Institute
ASTM-- American Society of Testing and Materials
ATM-- Atmosphere
BBE--... More>>
 We got the product certificate of EU PED 97/23/EC (EU Pressure Equipment Directive) on Marth 15th, 2013. And it is dued in March, 2015. After auditing by TUV company again in the year of 2014, w... More>>
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