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Knowledge on Fittings >> Common Abbr on Pipe fittings
ASME-- American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ANSI-- American National Standard Institute
ASTM-- American Society of Testing and Materials
ATM-- Atmosphere
BBE-- Beveled both Ends
BE-- Beveled End
BLE-- Beveled Large End
BOE-- Beveled One End
Br-- Bronze
BSE-- Beveled Small End
BW pipe fittings-- Butt Welding pipe fittings
CA-- Corrosion Allowance
CAS-- Cast Alloy Steel
CCS-- Cast Carbon Steel
CONC-- Concentric
ECC-- Eccentric
Cr-- Chromium
CS-- Carbon Steel
CuNi-- Copper-Nickel
CWP-- Cold Working Pressure
D-- Diameter
EFW-- Electric Fusion Welded
EQ-- Equal
ET-- Electric Tracing
ERW-- Electric Resistance Welded
FAS-- Forged Alloy Steel
FCS-- Forged Carbon Steel
FF-- Flat Face
GALV-- Galvanize
Gr-- Grade
HEX-- Hexagonal
HT-- Heat Tracing
H-- Heat Insulation
PP-- Personnel Protection Insulation
LR-- Long Radius
Max-- Maximum
Min-- Minimum 
Mo-- Molybdenum
MSS-- Manufacturer Standardization Society
NCS-- Normalized Carbon Steel
Ni-- Nickel
NPT-- Threading as per ANSI B1.20.1
OD-- Outside Diameter
PBE-- Plain both Ends
PE-- Plain End
PLE-- Plain Large End
PUR-- Polyurethane
POE-- Plain One End
PSE-- Plain Small End
R-- Radius
RED-- Reducing
RF-- Raised Face
RJ-- Machined Face for Ring Joint
RTJ-- Ring Joint Face
SAW-- Submerged Arc Welding
SCH-- Schedule
SCRD-- Screwed
SMLS-- Seamless
SS-- Stainless Steel
STD-- Standard
SW-- Socket Welding
TBE-- Threaded both Ends
TE-- Threaded End
THK-- Thickness
TLE-- Threaded Large End
TOE-- Threaded one End
TSE-- Threaded Small End
WB-- Welded Bonnet
WN-- Weld Neck
WT-- Wall Thickness
WP-- Wrought Pipe

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