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Knowledge on Fittings >> Stainles steel pipe reducer for Industrial Application
Stainles steel pipe reducer for Industrial Application

Steel pipe reducer links 2 pipes of different sizes (big and small). It is used in big scale industrial applications 
for enhancing flexibility in connecting fractional tubes. A pipe reducer can have different materials and each has 
the specific usage. The sizes also can varied from metric to inch. There are two types of reducer – eccentric and 
concentric. Concentric pipe reducer is usually used for many of the applications whereas, eccentric reducer is 
applied only if it's needed to keep up the pipe level on each botton and top. Eccentric reducer additionally 
maintains the air force direction to avoid saddlery of air within the pipes. The concentric reducer eliminates sound 

The steel pipe reducer changes the dimensions of the pipe and fulfills the hydraulic necessities thus to regulate 
with the exsiting piping.It is extremely used in chemical factories and power plants. Using a tube reducer makes the 
whole pipe line system reliable and tighter. It prevents the integral piping from sudden shock and possible thermal 
distortion. The pipe is simple to install and also prevents from leakages whereas on pressure circle. The nickel or 
the chrome coated tube reducers protects from corrosion and enhances the life of the materials. It is also used in 
high vapor areas.

stainless steel pipe reducer

Stainless steel pipe reducer

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